Snack dish made from recycled glass bottle


These wine bottle snack dishes and serving platters are great for crips and snacks at parties. I love the fact that you can make something so fun and funky from junk. this is literally a wine bottle that has been transformed and recycled into a dish that you can use for so many things. Crisps, sweets, a starter for your fun dinner party. And this shape is particularly elegant. I generally have a few in stock but do order in good time just in case I have to do a few trips to the pub before I make your bottle dish. They do make the perfect gift especially if you fill it with goodies before you give the gift. Give a handmade, recycled glass gift, unique and quirky.


This quirky serving dish is made from an old wine bottle that has been flattened and slumped in the kiln at almost 800°C.

Additional information

Weight0.600 kg
Dimensions34 × 10 × 10 cm


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