Sea blue fused glass ring


Part of the Sea Blue Fused Glass with Sparkles set, this fused glass ring is designed with a specific holiday with my late Father. We were snorkeling in the Mar Menor in the height of summer and the sparkling sea was our refuge. This ring captures the sparkle and the brilliant blue of my memories and is so pretty on anyone.

Sea blue with sparkles fused glass ring is part of a set of sea blue with sparkles jewellery that is eyecatching and playful. This ring is fully adjustable, as you can see from the photographs. You can easily push the arms a little closer or loosen them to fit any finger or thumb. This makes this ring an ideal gift for someone who doesn’t know their ring size or a surprise! This little range of jewellery attracts may compliments, maybe because that bright turquoise is such an appealing and eye-catching colour, people can’t help but notice. It is also a really complementary colour for those with blue eyes. Somehow this lovely blue, when worn as earrings, only intensifies the natural blue of the wearer’s eyes. The full set is available as earrings, ring and pendant, and the earrings can be post or hooks. Clip on’s can be ordered by request and made to order.

The ring bases come from many sources and may vary.

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