Sea blue fused glass pendant with sparkles


Sea blue pendant with sparkles is one of my favourite fused glass pendants. Why? The iridescent sparkly stars in the glass bring a little playfulness to a beautiful, mesmerising blue glass. This pendant is reminiscent of the shimmering water of the Mediterranean sea where I spent time snorkeling with my late Father. Sunshine sun and happy days. What does it make you think of?

This sea blue pendant with sparkles is made from iridised glass and turquoise glass frit fused together into a small neat glass bar. The bright turquoise behind the iridised really does make the colours of the iridised dance and sparkle. You can see the size of the pendant from the picture against the pound coin, but as it is so eye-catching it can easily hold it’s own as a piece of statement jewellery. To make this fused glass pendant I use turquoise frit and an iridised strip fused together at over 800ºC and then cooled really slowly.

The Sea blue pendant with sparkles can be purchased on its own or as part of a set with earrings and ring. Earrings are available as studs or on hooks, or clip-ons can be made on request. Glass frit is coloured glass ground into a very fine powder, which can then be used in a mould or to shape and melt in different ways. This pendant is formed in a small mould. It comes with a 925 silver snake chain.

925 Silver discolours after a while when exposed to the air. It can be simply brought back to its original shine and colour using silver dip or other silver polish. And of course, the glass keeps its shine.


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