Earth and sky blue fused glass pendant


This little fused glass pendant brings together earthy moss greens and bright sky blues, they blend together as in many of England’s beautiful places. 4 cm long statement pendant made of fused glass.

There is something rather organic and earthy about this fused blue green pendant. The uneven shape which is slightly wobbly and the painterly landscape qualities of the colours can’t but help make you think of far off lands and adventures. Maybe this piece will remind you of those epic exploring walks across the dales or summer evenings in the dusk. Whatever your story this little pendant lends itself to the imagination. For me, it reminds me of Hadrian’s wall adventures in the van – in the rain! But everything was so green and blue.

This little pendant is made from glass frit. That is finely powdered coloured glass that I melt in the kiln to over 800ºC and then cool really slowly. The cord fastens with a sliding knot and is fully adjustable to wear long or short. Just slip the cord over your head and adjust.

Each one is totally different and unique.


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