Egyptian blue, and a smatter of green earrings


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Egyptian blue, olive green and deep violet earrings that give the unusual colour mix of the vivid Egyptian sky with deeper richer colours. This unusual colour mix catches your eye as it is subtle but stunning. Art glass jewellery makes such an unusual and personal gift. Available as studs or hooks

Vivid Egyptian blue earrings offset with olive green and violet highlights, these simple earrings are beautiful. The simple dome shape measuring almost 1cm gives a classic look to the interesting colour mix. It is difficult to capture the vibrancy fo the colours in the glass, but they are really lovely, the striking Egyptian blue and the subtly of the olive green. Someone commented that at first glance it looks like planet earth! I’m not sure about that, but I do know that if you wear these with either blue or green the relevant colours will pop out.  And when you wear with a darker colour, the same weight as the violet, then the blue becomes the punctuation. A clever little earring indeed. Available in both stud or hook. Select your preference as you check out.

To make these Egyptian blue earrings  I use the vivid Egyptian blue glass frit teamed with rather unlikely companions of dark violet and olive, and put them in the kiln to melt together into liquid glass. Then, when fused they are cooled down really slowly. The posts and hooks are both 925 silver. 925 Silver does tarnish with time, but you can refresh with a little silver dip.


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