Orange, amber and pinks, fused glass suncatchers


Fusing glass is melting it in a kiln. For these suncatchers, I try and use up all my scrap glass along with some glass powder and frit colours to capture the mood I want to convey. Suncatchers are great as glass really is at its best when hung in the window where it can catch the light. These are simple designs but as the light outside changes so do the colours and the layers of colour really come into their own. They are also beautiful hung in the garden. (as long as they are not hung where the wind will knock them into something hard that will smash them. Although. like most fused glass,  they are quite tough, they are still made of breakable glass). Free Delivery in UK.

I use up all my scraps of glass making these gorgeous, cheerful suncatchers. The design is deliberately a little boho and abstract. I can never make any two the same, so the one you receive will not be quite the same as the images show. They really are all one-offs. These suncatchers can also be used as mobiles. They can be hung in a window, ideally, where they will catch the sun and be reflected inside, Or they can be hung as a mobile inside the room. The colours are strong enough to be beautiful even away from the light. This amber and oranges suncatcher reminds me of some of the West Coast sunsets that I have gazed at over the years, growing up in the North West and later in the West Country watching the sunset over the sea. I have some fond memories. Maybe your suncatcher will remind you of your favourite evening memories too.

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