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A totally unique one-off, stunning landscape lamp. this fused glass lamp is a one-off painted with glass frit using the watercolour technique in the impressionistic style. The lamp captures the mood and beauty of a sunset over the hills. Only one produced. Free UK delivery.

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The landscape lamp is a simple, impressionist landscape of glass frit fused into glass. The lamp is really pretty and colourful when the lamp is off, but when the lamp is switched on its really beautiful looking like a stunning sunset over the hills. I am working on a style of glasswork in which I can capture the spontaneity of watercolours. I really enjoy moving the colours round on the glass with different thicknesses and intensities. I enjoy mixing the colours together with my pallet knife, not really knowing what effect the colours will have on each other in the kiln. Consequently, each landscape is totally different. I will just picture one here at a time, so the one for sale at the moment is the one you see. And there is just one of them. Totally unique, just one in the world.

This landscape is bright and impressionistic. It measures 24cm wide and 20cm high. The fused piece of glass fits loosely in the groove of the solid wood lamp base which comes complete with an LED candle bulb. The base is approximately 14.5cm diameter. The lamp is fitted with a rocker on/off switch on the cord.

If you, like me, enjoy walking in the hills, especially by water, you will feel that you recognise this place too. Is it Derbyshire? Or maybe its the lower Snodonia slopes or the North West Lake District? I think all of these are correct, as this is painted from my heart thinking of all of those places I love. If you look carefully at the colour progression from top to bottom do you notice anything? It is almost the rainbow progression from red, orange and yellow in the sunset, then the green, blue and the deep indigo blues in the lake. Almost a rainbow…maybe that’s what I should call this little lamp.

If you feel the glass fits too loosely in the wooden groove, that is easily solved with a little epoxy glue.

Free UK delivery.

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