Flame design handmade table lamp

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Flame design table lamp made of fused glass with a solid wood base. Glass art with back illumination to really show off the colours and fluid design of the glass. Free delivery UK.

Lighting a fused glass design from the back always brings out the best of the design. So what better than to actually make colourful glass designs into lamps. Personally I love candles, I watch the flame flicker and dance and become mesmerised by the flame twisting and turning, trying to escape the candle with all it’s weighing but never managing to get free. Well, so it seems sometimes. In this lamp design, I wanted to capture something of that movement. The many layers of the intensity of the light, the twisting and flickering – the dance. I have a friend who puts youtube footage of a roaring wood fire on the big screen of her house in winter to make her feel warm and cosy. Maybe this lamp will give some cosiness to your room.

This flame design table lamp is made from two layers of glass fused together with my design drawn in the middle with coloured glass powders. The glass reaches over 800ºC in the kiln, so the small LED bulb is fine for the glass. The lamp is wired with a bayonet fitting and has a rocker on/off switch on the flex. The size of the lamp is 32.5cm wide by 24cm high, although, as these are individually handmade, no two are ever quite the same. Yours will be slightly different to the one pictured. The base is made from either oak or ash. The glass simply rests in the groove of the wood. If you feel that in your house with maybe dogs, cats or children, the glass should be fixed into the base, then a simple epoxy glue in the groove will be fine and hold the glass firmly.

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