Crackle fused glass clock


Batik design clock with an abstract poppy against a moody sky. One-off, unique design on a handmade clock. Glass art clock.

This crackle clock is totally unique, and I could never make another one just like it. I made this when I had been walking through a field of poppies and wanted to capture something of the fragility of the poppy against the rather tempestuous sky. This batik effect glass powders on the clock capture something of that walk on a moody summer day. The clock comes with batteries and can be hung on a wall by the clock mechanism on the back. It has no numbers but the strong vertical poppy stalk is on the ‘half past six’ line to give you a clue. Not for those who need to watch every second, but a clock for those who like to sit back and watch the poppies in the rain.

The clocks need an AA battery which just slots in easily. I used to include them but Royal Mail now don’t allow you to post batteries, sorry.

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