Dragonfly coasters, fused glass coasters with dragonfly design, set of 4


Set of 4 fused glass coasters, handmade gift, inspired by dragonflies. This stylised dragonfly coaster design is one of the most popular of our range, it makes a great and unique handmade gift.

Dragonfly fused glass coasters inspired by watching dragonflies dance over the water, hovering, then soaring away, their iridescent colours mesmerising me. These stylised dragonfly coasters are made of chunky fused float glass. They come as a set of 4. These coasters are quite sturdy even though they are made of fused glass. Underneath each coaster has a little bump stop to give a nice fit and protection to any surface. The colours of this drinks coaster set is inspired by the pond we had at one of my schools as a kid. I would sit for far too long watching the blue-green dragonflies against the blue-green water and reeds. So here you have it, blue-green glass coasters. I must say they are one of my favourite designs. I hope you like them too.

Fusing glass is melting it in a kiln. For these drinks coasters, I use ground coloured glass, called ‘frit’ to add the colour. Layers of different frit give a deep and rich colour palette. With the transparency of the glass, you get a great watery feeling. The coasters themselves would be fine in a dishwasher but you would lose the little feet, so best not to put them in. Just a wipe will be fine. If you do lose the feet just get in touch and I’ll send you some more.  Free Delivery in the UK.

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