Opihr Gin Bottle Clock, It’s Gin O’clock


A one-off, Opihr Gin Bottle Clock made from a recycled Opihr Gin bottle, fused in a kiln and drilled to add the clock mechanism. Great unique gift for gin drinkers and those who love something a little different and handmade.

Opihr is an oriental spiced London gin with a gorgeous bottle. Far too lush to be thrown away when I can make perfectly great clocks from them with a little help from the kiln. The Opihr Gin Bottle clocks are literally a gin bottle melted in the kiln really slowly so that the hefty base glass does not crack. Then I drill a hole through the bottle to house the clock mechanism. The mechanism also forms a hanging bracket at the back of the clock. It is sturdy enough to easily take the weight of this fab little clock. I only have one of these so when it’s gone it’s gone until I get another bottle. Very unique hey?! The clocks need an AA battery which just slots in easily. I used to include them but Royal Mail now don’t allow you to post batteries, sorry.

Something you should know before you buy this handmade clock is that it ticks. Not too loudly though.

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