Gordon’s Gin bottle clock



I love the strong vivid green of Gordon’s Gin bottles, perfect for upcycling I thought. So when I saw these empty bottles in the recycling box of the local cocktail bar @100&6 then I got quite excited. And now here they are, ready to face life again as a clock – Gin o’clock indeed. The bottles have been emptied!! Then I try and remove the labels in one piece (believe me, that is the trickiest part), then I slump them in the kiln at almost 800ºC. Drilling the hole in them takes an age with my old drill and to get the hole in the centre is quite a challenge. But voila! Here they are complete. The Gordon’s Gin Clocks come in two sizes, large and small with just £3 difference to cover the extra postage and packing. The mechanism on the back is quartz, so no ticking. This clock takes one AA battery which just slots in easily. I used to include them but Royal Mail now don’t allow you to post batteries, sorry.

Perfect gift for the men in your life, or the G&T brigade, especially if Gordon’s is their brand.

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